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Permanent Cosmetic Make-up

Eyebrows are the frame and anchor to the face. By applying eyebrows in the right position and shape you can erase approx. 7-10 years off the face by lifting the entire eyelid and face area. We layer in 2-3 colors over 2-3 sessions to make the procedure virtually undetectable and very natural. Following the natural brow bone putting back what father time or our tweezers has taken away.


Eyeliner can be applied as natural as a lash enhancement or as heavy a person desires within reason. Did you know? Permanent makeup is actually safer for the eye than conventional makeup as it does not migrate into the eye all day long which can be harmful to the eyeball itself. Eyeliner can be applied to enhance any shape of eye.


Lip liner also layered in over 2 sessions to enhance and fill in where the vermillion border has been interrupted or faded away leaving a nice shape and a fuller lip.


Full lip color is the best of all worlds we layer in 2-3 colors of 3 sessions to fill as much color in the lip as possible safely. Full lip color can be done in any array of colors or tones and you can put any color lip stick over it if you want to change your look. The added benefit from full lip color is that it stops your lip stick from migrating into the fine lines around your lip area.


Areola pigmentation is used in many cases those that just want to add or alter the color of the areola or most importantly giving the client color to the area post reconstructive surgery. This gives the client a choice and brings back semitry to the area which is very rewarding to both client and technician.


Camouflage can be done on most scars after the scar tissue has totally healed usually taking between 9 months to two years after the injury or surgery. We layer in multiple colors of flesh to hide the hypo pigmented areas so it cannot be detected. It does what a cover up stick would do but on a permanent basis.


Beauty marks are described as a mark of beauty on an other wise flawless skin. We can add them where ever the client would desire most likely on the face but some like a little beauty next to their navel very popular.



Permanent make up over all saves time, money, energy and frustration of applying makeup daily. You go to sleep with it and wake up with it. No more reapplying during the day as it is always perfect and in place. A great procedure for those with tremors or loss of eye sight which makes it next to impossible to apply themselves.

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