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Permanent Makeup

Permanent make up is one of the nicest things one can do for them selves.  You go to bed with it on and you wake up with make up. Lets face it most of us look better with some enhancement on our brows, eyes and lips. We layer in two to three colors over two to three sessions so that it looks very natural. Its a time and money saver crucial to those who have sight impairments or tremors, come in and let my 25 years of experience show you how to make your life easier.

Micro needling is done to scars wrinkles and hypo pigmented skin to shore up cologne in the skin to reduce the appearance of age in the skin, results are much like light laser treatments or peels without the expense and long lay up periods.

Micro Needling

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for those wanting tattoos that feel too intimated to go to a conventional tattoo shop. specializing in soft pastel tattoos.

New Age Tattoos

Tattoo removal is a very long and not a pleasant process but can be done by laser or chemical removal. Cost for removal procedures can run up any where between 100.00- 1000.00 per inch.

Tattoo Removal
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